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3D Vibrating Exercise Machine with Remote

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Dr. Air 3D super-blade smart use scene


Lightweight & Compact 
Exercise at "Encouraging" at Home

  • Just by placing 3D super blade smart, the room becomes a full-scale exercise gym.
  • It is a powerful vibration emitted from a compact body, supporting the whole body style as well as the anxious part.

3D Super-blade smart body panel / remote control operation section

Support simple exercise with intuitive intuitive operation

How to use

How to use 1. Stomach / How to use 2. Leg whole leg


  1. Stomach - 2 minutes

    Open your legs about the shoulder width and ride on the super blade in a relaxed posture. At this time keep your eyes parallel to the floor, pay attention not to disturb your posture, keep your posture to feel the vibration on your belly. As you get used to it, you gradually expand your leg width, you can feel the vibration more strongly.

  2. Overall leg - 2 minutes

    In a relaxed post with legs open to about the shoulder width, arm cramped lightly so as not to drop your elbow in front of your chest. At this time, please be careful not to squat like pulling your butt, round the back. Also, if you deeply crouch your squat too hard to feel the vibration, so keep your eyes parallel to the floor so that posture does not collapse. As you get used to it, you gradually expand your leg width, you can feel the vibration more strongly.

How to use 3. Buttocks / How to use 4. Back of the thigh

  1. Buttock-  left and right 1 minute

    Keep one knee on the super blade body so that it sits on the body, the other foot stretches backwards and feels that the butt stretches to a pleasant extent. At this time, hold the front part of the blade body with the arm and stabilize, keep your posture parallel to the floor so that your back will not be rounded.

  2. Momo back - left and right 1 minute

    Put one foot on the position slightly shifted to the left or right from the center of the superblade and stand up the toes. While defeating the upper body forward, keep keeping the position where the back stretches to a pleasant extent. At this time we support the knees with both hands so that the knee does not bend.

How to use 5. Upper arm

  1. Arm - 2 minutes

    I will sneak through the super blade. At this time, sit at a distance where the back does not touch the blade body, hold it with the elbow bent. If you extend the elbow at this time, it will be difficult for stimulus to enter the second arm, so be sure to perform it in the bent condition. Also, if you are too far away from the Superblade, you may feel pain on your shoulder, so please sit down as close as possible and perform.

Sales name

3D Superblade Smart

Model number


Rated input

AC 100 V to 50/60 Hz

Rated power consumption

80 W


5 minutes - 30 minutes (every 5 minutes), 15 minutes when starting operation

Maximum adaptive weight

120 kg

Vibration frequency

Minimum: 480 times / minute 
Maximum: 840 times / min (no load)


Remote control, power cord, instruction manual, warranty card, operation check battery (CR2025)

Body dimensions

W 650 × H 150 × D 350 mm


11.5 kg (body only)

Raw materials

Case: ABS 
legs: Rubber 
operation panel: PET

Country of origin



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