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Abans 12000 BTU R32 Fix Speed Air Conditioner: Best Abans A/C's & Air Coolers for Sale | Best Price in Sri Lanka 2020 1
Abans 12000 BTU R32 Fix Speed Air Conditioner: Best Abans A/C's & Air Coolers for Sale | Best Price in Sri Lanka 2020 1

Abans 12000 BTU R32 Fix Speed Air Conditioner

Rs. 94,990 Rs. 77,038
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12 Months
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  • 100% Copper condenser
  • Hidden LED display
  • Super quite performance
  • Anti-dust filter
  • Auto Restart function
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Strong dehumidification
Main Features  
Refrigerant R32
Power Supply Connection Indoor 
RoHS Conformity Yes
Product Definition  
Filters Dust Fillter
Remote Control LCD
Digital_Display LED
Jet Cool  Yes  (Turbo)
Auto-Restart Function Yes
Dehumidifying Function Yes
Automatic Temperature Control Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Timer Function - 24H/12H 24H
Defrost Function Yes
Fan Speed Steps - "Turbo/H/M/L/Quiet/Auto" Turbo/H/M/L/Auto
Hotstart Yes
Automatic Air Direction (Up-Down) Yes
Energy Saving Mode(Fuzzy) Yes  (Energy saver)
Dry Anti-Mildew Function Yes
"I feel" Function Yes
Main Performance  
Cooling Capacity (W) [T1]  3516
Energy Efficiency Cooling (W/W) [T1] 3.26
Cooling Power Input (W)  1078
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz) 220-240V /Hz
Cooling Running Current (A) 4.51
Noise Pressure Level - Indoor Unit (dBA) 34
Noise Pressure Level - Outdoor Unit (dBA) 48
Air flow volume ( m3/h ) 650/550/400/350
Moisture removal (L/H.r) 1.27
Max. Elevation (m) 10
Max. Pipe Length (m) 15
Suction Pressure Range (Mpa) 1.18
Discharge Pressure Range (Mpa) 3.85
Locked Motor Current (L.R.A.) (A) 25
Ambient Working Temperature Range(°C)
Main Components  
Compressor Type (Rotary,Reciprocate) Rotary
Compressor Brand GMCC
Compressor Model ASM125S1VFU
Compressor Capacitor 35uFd
Indoor Unit Fan Motor RA15E
Indoor Unit Fan Motor Capacitor 1.5
Outdoor Unit Fan Motor KFD33L3 / YKT35
Outdoor Unit Fan Motor Capacitor 2.5
Evaporator Pipe Diameter 7mm
Number of U-Tube Evaporator 14
Evaporator Number of rows 2
Evaporator FPI value 1.3
Evaporator Fin Type Slit
Evaporator Fin Coating Hydrofilic blue
Condenser Pipe Diameter 7mm
Number of U-tube Condenser 22
Diameter of  Gas /liquid pipe 3/8" / 1/4"
Condenser number of rows 1.0
Condenser FPI value 1.3
Condenser Fin Type Louvered
Condenser Fin Coating Bare
High Pressure Pipe Diameter (mm) 6.35
Low Pressuer Pipe Diameter (mm) 12.7
Power Supply Cord 1sqmm X 1.6m
Indoor & Outdoor Connection Cord 1sqmm X 4m
Logistics Data  
Indoor Unit (WxHxD) mm 810×270×200mm
Outdoor Unit (WxHxD) mm 765X300X495mm

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