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Burn Blast Smart Wood Stove: Best Other Cookers & Ovens for Sale | Best Price in Sri Lanka 2022 1
Burn Blast Smart Wood Stove: Best Other Cookers & Ovens for Sale | Best Price in Sri Lanka 2022 1

Burn Blast Smart Wood Stove

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This is a 100% Sri Lankan product. A young entrepreneur is the designer of the woodstove. Although all the raw materials used for the creation are effective. That will match the all daily preparation needs of the home.

The stove has made out with the latest technology. That is the rocket stove technology. Due to that, there would not be any emission of smoke. But that is not 100%. That would be only 80%.

Although this is a stove using wooden pieces. Therefore some may worry about the place where the stove needs to be kept. Don't worry about the floor. The stove can be kept on the tile floor. No harm was caused to the tiles.

The other Benefitted fact is the time. Actually, 50% of cooking time can be saved. 

Only there are few substances required for the burning requirements. Then compare this our stove with the normal stove. You will realize that our stove user won't need to use more substance. Therefore only 40% of substance required for the successful burning

The stove has a beautiful and attractive finishing. Usually, most people would love to have a perfect stove without any errors. If anyone requests such a type of stove, burn blast eco-friendly stove is the only one.

This can be taken to anywhere with the user. Although it can be kept on any land and can cook whatever it wants to eat.

Ashes are produced by the burning of wooden pieces and coconut shells. Don't think about that, the Ashcan be removed from the stove successfully. That is a solution to avoid dirty houses by spreading Ashes.

The main problem is the inhalation of the smoke by Woodstove. Although the inhalation taking place when the blowing. The blowing doesn’t need anymore because it is constantly burning. Due to that, there would great be minimizing diseases.

We use all the better raw materials for our stove. That is eco friendly and causes no harm to a person or to an object.

  • Dimensions - H 12 x W 11 inches

  • Weight - 1.5kg

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