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Abans 30000 BTU R410A Fix Speed Air Conditioner: Best Abans A/C's & Air Coolers for Sale | Best Price in Sri Lanka 2021 1
Abans 30000 BTU R410A Fix Speed Air Conditioner: Best Abans A/C's & Air Coolers for Sale | Best Price in Sri Lanka 2021 1

Abans 30000 BTU R410A Fix Speed Air Conditioner

Rs. 239,990 Rs. 199,490

Warranty  :
12 Months
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Delivery  :
4 - 5 Working Days
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Terms & Conditions:

  • Free installation (Up to 5-meter piping from Indoor unit to Outdoor unit)
  • Additional meter will be charged
  • 3 Free Services (within a Year)
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty & 5 Year Warranty on Compressor (Applicable only with the service agreement signed from the 2nd year of purchase) click for Service Agreement
  • The above design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
  • The value given in the table for noise level reflect in Anechoic Chamber.


Fresh Air

After a certain time period, the quality of room air tends to decrease. This is due to the presence of CO2 and foul odours such as sweat, smoke, etc. The Fresh Air function circulates the polluted indoor air outside the room and then redistributes fresh air from the outdoors.


Auto Clean

One of the primary causes of the foul odours that emit from an air conditioner is mold and bacterial growth on the evaporator. The Auto Clean function prevents this by automatically cleaning the evaporator and inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria and mold inside the air conditioner.


Nano Silver Cross Fan

The nano silver coating on the indoor cross fan inhibits bacterial growth for cleaner, healthier air.


Multi-_lter System

The Multi-Filter System, which comprises of Nano Silver, Active Carbon, Bio, and Vitamin C _lters, maintains the pristine quality of indoor air by e_ciently absorbing dust and eliminating di_erent strains of bacteria.


Anti-dust Filter

This _lter catches the most miniscule dust particles to produce cleaner air. Also, it can be easily washed and cleaned.


Active Carbon Filter

Absorbs small dust particles, smoke, allergens, and harmful chemical gases such as Ammonia (NH3) and Formaldehyde (HCHO).


Sleep Mode

The Sleep Mode function automatically increases or decreases the setting temperature within the _rst two hours of activation. This provides the user the most comfortable temperature to sleep in and conserves energy as well.


Self-diagnosis and Auto-protection Function

The air conditioner automatically detects errors with its microcomputer chips and indicates them on a LED display.



The Turbo function produces cooling comfort in the shortest timeframe possible.


Auto Restart

This mode allows the air conditioner to automatically restart with the same settings that were put in place at the last time that you used it.


Strong Dehumidi_cation

Maintains a comfortable level of humidity throughout the room without reducing the overall setting temperature.


Inner Grooved Copper Tube

Compared to conventional smooth copper tubes, this mechanism enhances the heat-exchange e_ciency level upto %50.


Low Noise Air Flow System with Large Diameter Cross Fan

Reduces the noise of the indoor air conditioner unit without decreasing the strength of the air _ow.


Valve Protection Cover

Prevents water leakage, and protects the valves from damage.


Temperature Compensation (Heating Mode)

Reduces temperature _uctuations so that you can experience a balanced temperature during the Heating Mode.


Anti-cold Air Function

Prevents frigid cold air from blowing directly onto the user.


Hydrophilic Aluminium Fin

Allows the condensate water to _ow freely between the _ns and improves the overall cooling e_ciency. Also, enhances the heating e_ciency by accelerating the defrosting process.


Condenser Heating Kits

Prevents the condenser from freezing in low temperatures, so that the air conditioner can run the Heating Mode e_ciently.


Low Ambient Kit

The unit can be operated in Cooling Mode in low ambient temperature conditions.


LED Display

Helps the user to monitor and operate the unit clearly and easily.


Soft Start Kit

Safeguards the air conditioner against electrical damage in the event of severe voltage _uctuations.


Easy Wiring Connection

Allows you to easily connect both the indoor and outdoor units.


Compressor Heating Kits

Warms up the compressor when it gets frozen in low temperature conditions.


Quick Connector

Allows users to easily connect the specially designed copper pipe and signal wire connectors, saving them time and money.

 Model ABLG-30CR
Cooling Capacity  W 8200
Heating Capacity  W 8000
Power Input-Cooling W 2720
Power Input-Heating W 2490
Moisture Removal  L/H.r 2.2 
Air Circulation  CMH Max 1200
EER for Cooling W/W 3.01 
COP for Heating  W/W 3.21 
Energy Consumption kWh / year 1360 
Energy Class for Argentina Cooling B
Energy Class for Argentina  Heatling C
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant volumn g 1950
Indoor Unit Noise Level  High(dB (A)) 45
Low(dB (A)) 42
Outdoor Unit Noise Level  dB (A) 58
Power Supply   
Voltage, Frequency, Phase 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Current Cooling (A) 12.1
Heating (A) 11.2
LRA  A 65.6
Compressor type Rotary
Compressor Model No. PA311X3CS-4MTL
Compressor MFG GMCC
Expansion Device flow restrictor
Evaporator Copper tube and Aluminum Fin
Condenser Copper tube and Aluminum Fin
Connecting Pipe Diameter  
Liquid Pipe inch 3/8
Gas Pipe  inch 5/8
Maximum connection pipe lenght m 15
Maximum height difference m 5
 Display on Front Panel LED
LCD Wireless Remote Controller Yes
Removable and washable Panel Yes
High density Filter Yes
Active Charcoal Filter Optional
Electrostatic Filter Optional
HEPA Filter Optional
LTC Filter Optional
Catechin filter Optional
Negative ion filter Optional
Photic Catalyst filter Optional
Vitamin-C filter Optional
Dimmer Yes
24 Hours Timer Yes
Timer ON/OFF Yes
3 Speed and Auto  Indoor Fan Control Yes
Horizontal Auto Swing Louver Yes
Manual Adjustable Vertical Louver Yes
Top Down Horizontal louvers features for cooling mode Yes
Sleep function Yes
Smart sense function Yes
Super  function Yes
Compressor Indicator Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Auto Defrost   Yes
Dehumidification function Yes
Cold air protection Yes
Other(VQ panel)  
Net Dimensions           WxHxD (mm) Indoor Unit 1148×315×236
Outdoor Unit 860x650x310
Net Weight  (Kg) Indoor Unit 14.5
Outdoor Unit 49
Packing Dimensions WxHxD (mm) Indoor Unit 1210×390×315
Outdoor Unit 995x730x445
Gross Weight  (Kg) Indoor Unit 17
Outdoor Unit 51
Loading Capacity (20'/40'/40'HC ) without pipe 62/128/145
Loading Capacity (20'/40'/40'HC ) with pipe 62/128/145

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